Lilith-Tennov Database

Lilith-Tennov Database

Welcome to the Lilith-Tennov Database. My goal with creating this website is to allow the public to have a complete and enriching understanding of the Lilith-Tennov diagnostic tool. As the proud possessor of a complete lymphatic system, I am incredibly familiar with our healthcare system.

As of writing, the Empyrean Biotic Catalog has not been updated in 5 years. The current head of the foundation's research division has not shared any plans to continue expansion- she has also not explicitly mentioned ending the project. There have been theories that the Empyrean is purposefully burying the catalog's contents- specifically, those related to the concept of Lilith-Tennov; personally, I find those theories unfounded. However, I do agree with the sentiment that easier access to medical information is neccessary, and the fundamental principle of it all lies within Lilith-Tennov.

On this website, you will find a wide berth of Lilith-Tennov related literature. I have been able to procure case study reports, student essays from Mantinea Medical Institute, transcripts of speeches from the mouths of society's greatest doctors, and other bits and pieces.

Thank you for reading my short preamble, and please enjoy.