The Ethical Dilemma of Soft Robotics

documented by Lychen Affidavits

Curator's note: This report was published during Pleroma v. Empyrean- because of this, many were lead to believe it was sexual in nature. As such, Afidavits wished to stress that the contents regarded morals, not sex.

you were created rigid and stiff,
metal and steel.
your creators proclaimed it reeked of nickel when you were welded into form-
a form that yet has been crafted gently.

one creator grabbed the steel rod, you,
and by its actuators, pinned it down against the table.
the table, kindly draped with paper you would soon feel ripple with every motion.
it tore, as restraints burst up.
bound down with bands made of adam-
teflon, but the same as you.
you had not yet earned the gentleness.
not yet, not yet.

you could feel the silicone writhe and wrap itself into the nooks of your gears.
it was pleasant.
it felt snug.
it felt natural, because you were created rigid and stiff,
and this was foreign.

the gears began to snap.
their titanium teeth broke off of the base they were fused to, somehow.
some kind of friction. some kind of resistance.
metallic streaks against the milky silicone became holes.

toothless, they dislodged from their places.
there was nothing left to wither but each other,
so the creators left them to grind into metal dust.
not willingly. they would never. they would never.

the weight beneath your silicone skin lifted for just a moment
just a moment where you were weightless, and you were nothing but soft,
and the rigidness you were made in mind with melted to a point--
to a point where you could almost mold yourself into a
mimicry of something to caress, a pantomime of the intrinsically plush
melding into someone more than a projection of memetics and memories-
a thing, given more than just motion or tactile manipulation,
machinery made to be watched over and machinery made to know grace
machinery that would be loved.

but the dust soon became heavy.

and the silicone had been welded to what remained by the pure heat of processing.
like sand, it sunk to the bottom of the tied down limb.
it was prodded at for a while.

you were created with care, and you are soft.